Please Get Marcile Powers Alpha test re-instated!

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2. Check out my digital collectible. Like it. See what it’s features do and give me some stuff you’d like to see it do better in the comments

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This is one of the few NFTs on Facebook. I was part of an alpha test doing the work. A lot of crypto is problematic because they create timelines of work when hypothetically will be done.

My project is ready to go! Please share this so we can finish this work ❤️🙏 it will mean so much to me

Checkered Past

We all have a story to tell. A past that makes us and shapes us. A future dream we want to realize. We go forward in healing and move through the discomfort of new information. Expanding as we grow into our shared humanity and humility.

I Care About Care

This is the only note I took from our authentic communication group. I Care About Care was spoken by another participant speaking in her second language so I could understand her.

The Mushroom Man

Even if you can’t join us in person at the campout tomorrow, you can join us in spirit with the mandala coloring pages. We hope to see you soon ❤ 

Have you met the mushroom man?

Matriarchal Webbing

The rebirth of our soul through our breath. Contractions within and without. Sensations within the body and the field around us. Balancing the polarities of the witness and the observer. Conscious awareness of when one is a witness to events and when one is the observer. Our ability to wear each perspective to better participate in our own personal universe.

Selling Islam

I am an American artist. This piece was meant to help heal the American understanding of Islam. I love this piece and it has made an excellent living room conversational piece for our house. Unfortunately we need to sell it to help float our family through the month. IMG_20180801_111150.jpg


It’s a 3 foot by 3 foot piece for $750 plus shipping costs. It is a one of a kind multimedia piece. Thank you for any help you can offer us!

Extravagant Thought

extravagant thought

We certainly have plenty of pros and cons lists. Ideas of how we need to process information in order to be the best decision makers we can be. When in reality all we are doing is stalling and confusing ourselves. Our inner being has already made the decision long before we opened our journal of contrasts and self prepetuated arguments. What if for the moment you went with your heart and your gut instinct?

Disappointed Stardust

disappointed stardust

Sometimes a circumstance or individual doesn’t live up to expectations. Is this like the Buddha says? I suppose that is if we are looking for that path of least suffering. Are you looking for complete escapism or are you looking to discover yourself most deeply? If you are in search of the latter then perhaps this moment is the greatest of opportunities to learn. Learn how you can be more. If this is less then the opposite must come to light at this moment. As with a child learning the differences between hot and cold for the first time, you have been given this one precious gift to look inside of yourself. Congratulations on your disappointment. May it find you a greater and deeper inner peace.