Fund nonviolence in the United States by investing in art.


Working within many different healing modalities, Marcile Powers, offers Reparenting the Inner Child, Corporate Transformative Dialogues, Colorful Compassionate Chats, Meditation Mandala meditation technique, and Akashic Scholars.

Art Installations

Marcile Powers can help you set up your NFT display for your party. The art work can be expanded indefinitely while retaining perfect clarity. Also interactive mandalas can be purchased for festivals and large scale events. Murals are done on a limited basis per year.

Investing in A Peaceful World of Abundance
  • NFT vector art will hold its integrity on ever changing screens. The quality of the art will increase with technology. Revolutionary.
  • You investment creates programs to learn about the emotional subterranean and how to heal our inner child through emotional resonance. Classes will have coloring books, puppets and parachute play.
  • Children in the United States can access a gun within the hour on any social media site. Our quickest solution is the help the kids make better choices through practices back by neuroscience.
Change The World

Empathy is a respectful understanding of what others are experiencing. Getting in touch with unmet needs is important to the healing process. A difficult message to hear is an opportunity to enrich someone’s life.”

Dr. Marshall Rosenberg

Colorful Compassionate Chats is a restorative justice initiative to teach nonviolence through play and creativity.


“You cannot solve a problem with anger or hatred. It takes empathy, patience, and compassion to overcome anger, hatred, and resentment. “

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Marcile Powers is an internationally published artist, author, mother, lover, nonviolent communication trainer and magical human being.

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