The Life Transforming Power of Meditation

From a Giggling Child to An Meditator

I remember going to a Buddhist Temple as a teenager with my friends. I laughed so deeply at the guide meditation. As a 15 year old, I could never know the powerful effect meditation would have on my adult life.

  • The Shaman
    Many people go looking to meet a shaman.  I believe that a shaman lives inside of everyone.  The shaman that will lead you to your destiny is inside of you.  Listen to your inner voice of love.  Love is the only shaman you need
  • Selling Islam
    I am an American artist. This piece was meant to help heal the American understanding of Islam. I love this piece and it has made an excellent living room conversational piece for our house. Unfortunately we need to sell it to help float our family through the month.    It’s a 3 foot by 3Continue reading “Selling Islam”
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