Nonviolence Education

Buy tickets for the Class at the MettaCenter of St. Petersburg on August 20th

Emotional Resonance or Co-regulation has the power to change the next generation of human.



It’s an ever changing world. I can coach you through cultural sensitivity. We will teach your customer service team how to keep returning customers. If you are having inner office conflicts that are halting work production then give us a call and we can make magic happen at your office.

8 Hour In-House$5,000
Zoom Immersion$800
One-On-One Training$250 a session
Mediations$120 an hour
Consulting$4,000 a month

Nonviolence Basics

I am available to come to your event or festival to offer an introduction to nonviolence seminar. We can focus on feelings, needs, strategies, so many fund topics.

Intro to FeelingsTBD
Intro to NeedsTBD
Intro to Strategy First ThinkingTBD
Deeper Empathy GivingTBD
Releasing Judgement TBD

One on One and Community Classes Available

We will be offering group classes that involve group play through the community.

Reparenting the Inner Child$120
Parachute Play$250
Colorful Compassionate Chats$250
Empathy Session$120
Mediation$120 hour
Scholarships are available through NFT art sales

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