Marcile Powers

Marcile Powers grew up in Bradenton, FL. Marcile published her first poem when she was 14. She then started studying filmmaking. She was drawn to Avantgarde styles. Marcile became an activist organizing protests against the Iraq war while in high school. She came from a political family involved in Florida politics.

Marcile Powers went on receive her BFA in Film Directing from UCF Film. She spent a large portion of time studying interactive cinema. While in college she took various film editing, modeling, political campaign work and showed at local galleries in Orlando, FL. She interned the Institute of Simulating Technologies for a few years studying interactive storytelling from Chris Stapleton.

After graduating she worked on The Message and briefly lived in Las Angeles at Erica Leershen’s personal stylist. She came back to family to enjoy the rest of her parent’s lives with them and work on various social activism projects and businesses. She started the Meditation Mandala series while working at a Rural Health care company in her hometown. They were published around the world.

Marcile has always thought of her mandalas as a beautiful energy currency. She is excited about the crypto trading potentials. The ability to spread abundance of resources across the planet through a change of consciousness and create a better quality of life for all people.

While Marcile Powers’ children were in their first 1,000 days, she started an organic produce business with her husband. They were committed to reducing packaging and greenhouses while providing the most nutritious food possible for everyone equitably. Kenwood Organic Produce is currently under new management leaving Marcile Powers to travel again to show her art.

Most recently Marcile has been studying nonviolent communication. She is creating a program with coloring mandalas and animal role play to help children at risk of gun violence. Marcile’s Book Transcend Dance was release 02/22/2022 that outlines the mandala meditation and resources to learn.

.Click the Mandala to access showcases

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